Solar'1 Eau de Parfum
Jazmin Saraï is a Montreal-based niche perfume line created by classically trained perfumer Dana El Masri. Merging scent and sound, Dana interprets songs, their authors, and their genres, as well as rhythm, melody and beats, and translates them into perfume.
Eau de Parfum
For all. 

Going back to the essence. 

Fragrance Notes
Ginger, Osmanthus Absolute, Cocoa, Allspice, Labdanum, and Musk.
Musical Genres
Neo Soul, Funk, Soul, R&B, Gospel.

A hint of ginger shimmers in along with the soft, rustling chimes.
The beat of the drums calls out bringing you home.  
Homage to one’s descent, exploring where you’re from. What you are, who you want to become.  
Osmanthus brings its beauty, with vulnerability and unconditional love.  
Subtle cocoa envelops a comfortable layer, the seed of the fruit grows stronger.  Glowing musk and honest amber.  

The rest is up to the skin.
His voice resonates:
"From which you came was love,
And that’s how it all should be.
You and my soul are one,
Through all the time and history"
Inspired by D'Angelo's 'Africa' (2000)