Reem Owais is a passionate global nomad that has journeyed across sixty countries in the past 35 years of her career as a translator and conference interpreter for renowned international organizations. 

A keen lover of arts, design & artisanal crafts, she believes strongly in the power of cultural diversity and how it enriches the heart of a community. 

This is what inspired her in 2014 to create Maison Fusion, a unique boutique that celebrates the synergy of world cultures. The boutique is located in the historic village of Pointe-Claire in West Montreal. It takes you on an immersive journey of sensory storytelling. 

Along Reem’s many travels, the highlight of a journey would be to discover native crafts and connect personally with the artisans’ stories.  She would carefully scout for products that share a distinct cultural narrative to bring back to her boutique in Montreal.

Her hope is to contribute to bridging the divide and bringing a deeper understanding for tolerance and cultural diversity.