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Maison Fusion Collection

Maison Fusion is a house of tales, where objects tell stories about those who crafted them, their traditions and cultures. Many stories of empowerment are behind the scenes waiting for you to discover them!

Maison Fusion Team collaborates with several groups in different regions of the world, who are providing regular source of income mainly to rural women, thus positively impacting their lives, their dependents and their communities through training, employment and career development.

In total harmony with pieces representing the world’s artisanal traditions, Maison Fusion is host to artistic works of local artisans who live and work in Canada.

Here you will find a unique collection of handcrafted scented candles, Moroccan stained glass and Egyptian blown glass, oriental design furniture as well as arabesque. We carry a wide variety of brass and copper wall decoration items such as copper mirrors, brass light fittings and much more. 

All our collection is original and most of it is one of kind piece, which makes it really special and unique.