Eclectic Design: Dare to be different!

Have you ever felt you were in the mood to “think out of the box” and play with textures, colors, objects, even scents to create your own space in an unconventional manner? If your answer is yes, then eclectic style is for you!

What Is Eclectic Style in the first place?

Eclectic design style combines modern with classical, old with new, neutral with vibrant, simple with sophisticated, luxurious with bohemian, oriental with western. All is combined freely, yet wisely to create your unique livable space that reflects your personality.

How to create your eclectic space?

  • Start with choosing a connective element, be it a piece of furniture or a base neutral color. Then start adding your accent furniture, light fixtures and textile.
  • Don’t shy out of vibrant colors, asymmetry and unconventional ideas. Follow your instinct!
  • Bring in your mementos that you collected during your travels. And don’t worry if you feel like placing together a Balinese style side table you purchased in Indonesia near a white leather modern sofa. They can co-exist amazingly well!

Check -a great source of inspiration for people who are decorating or renovating their homes- for an example of an eclectic style bedroom.

A suzani (usually a wall hanging), can be also used as a bed cover as shown by

Eclectic Design for bedroom


Check this vintage Afghani suzani displayed as a wall hanging by Maison Fusion in an eclectic setting!

Afghani suzani


You may wish to use a textile-made pouf inspired by Morocco in a modern living room, as posted on Instagram by Maison et Demeure.

Check this Egyptian handmade genuine leather pouf  available at Maison Fusion.

  • Remember, you do not need to be a professionally trained interior designer to create your own inviting living area. However, you should avoid chaos.
  • Juxtaposition of contrasting objects is interesting, but too much of it would create visual confusion.
  • Don’t worry if you do not have everything ready in a go.

You need to live in the space, get used to it, then your daily living needs will inspire you, and new ideas will pop up!

Once you’re done, you will relax and enjoy the fruits of your creativity and uniqueness. Share it with your friends and family. You deserve it!